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"Stay Illuminated This Holiday Season!": How to Stay Healthy!

It’s nearing the end of this year’s work season, and like many of us, we’re looking forward to unwinding and dining this Christmas weekend (or for the rest of this year, we see you early holiday-ers..)

From all of us at Arlyn Recruiting, we wish you a very  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

Without further ado... This week's blog post features our tips and tricks on how to stay healthy during the holidays!
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Taking Walks

We know, it’s freezing outside but hear us out! According to a study conducted by Jawbone UP, the fitness tracking app, people take an average of 1870 stepsfewer than usual during the year-end holidays. Taking walks (or brisk walks) will help you burn 3 to 6 timesas many calories as sitting still, this according to the Harvard School of Public Health. Research done at Brown University suggests that the combination of cold weather and walking could help youburn that holiday weight off faster!

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Focusing on the fun, not just the food! 

Try focusing …

Ask Diane: "After being out of the job market for so long, I've become intimidated..."

This week’s question comes from an intermediate-level paralegal seeking new opportunities. They write:
"Dear Diane,
After being out of the job market for so long, I've become intimidated by the idea of getting out on the market BUT I'm looking for change, what are the common mistakes or errors that people make when applying for new opportunities and how do you recommend these be avoided?
- Starting Simple"
Dear Starting Simple,
Sometimes “change”, even if you see it as a positive, can create stress as it can be difficult to think about adjusting to a new environment....
But complacency can be detrimental to your life as well, as you can stay “stuck” for a year or so, and this can work itself into five to 10!!  So get out there and start your search!  But do it with thoughtfulness and a critical look at your next step in career, and stay organized in your search.
Once you’ve decided to take action, remember to avoid:
Sending your resume EVERYWHERE.  Spamming employers w…