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The Staff Party Survival Guide

It's that time of year again where some of us are either eager to party or mentally preparing ourselves for the inevitable: The Obligatory Holiday Staff Party. So how does one navigate through these treacherous waters? Here's our guide with tips and tricks on how to survive your holiday staff party!

5 Ways to Build Relationships at Work

If you’re like most of us, you likely spend the majority of your week at work, and probably with other people. Especially in high-stress or high-pressure jobs, there isn’t always the time or real desire to get to know say— Bob, that sits two desks away from you. Nobody's saying that you need to be close with your co-workers, but it goes without saying that enjoying your time at your workplace is dependant on building strong relationships among those with whom you share it with!

The need for a close team still exists, as studies have shown that having positive relationships in our professional sphere can benefit us both professionally and mentally.  Here are some of our favourite reminders for how to build strong relationships at work.

1) Start by asking questions!

Build a rapport with innocuous questions. It can begin with the lowest amount of effort. Maybe you don’t want to ask your co-workers what they ate for lunch every day, but showing a little interest on a harmless level bu…

"What makes an employee stay?" Our Vancouver legal candidates weigh-in!

At Arlyn Recruiting, we strive to take the time to get to know each and every one of our candidates. We have always been confident in our understanding of both their goals and needs. When it comes to detailing exactly what they are looking for in terms of staying in their jobs however, we went straight to the source! For three months, we asked every job seeker who came through our office to share their thoughts on what would motivate them to stay in their current positions...

Here’s what they had to say!

Our candidates’ self-identified career values fell within Four Categories:

Challenging Work
"Work for me must be challenging. I thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment."
14% of our candidates identified challenging work as a top priority when weighing staying at their current firm against finding new employment. 
Pay & Benefits 
"Having just relocated, I am definitely much more attuned towards the immediate benefits."
29%of candidates stated pay and ben…

Ask Diane: "How fussy should I be in my job search?"

On the first Monday of each month, we will look to our in-house career coach, Diane Cronk, to offer straight-forward and usable advice on anything and everything along the career path. This month’s question comes from a British lawyer, new to Vancouver, and just entering the local job market for the first time. She writes:
Dear Diane,How fussy should I be in my job search? I am quite adaptable and open to new and different opportunities, but I also need to work somewhere where I fit in with their culture. As I am currently unemployed, I do need a job quite quickly. I need to know whether I should accept jobs that I think I can get on with, or whether I should hold out for the perfect role.
- Job Search Stalemate
Dear Sweet Stalemate, This is the most common question we’re asked and I’m glad that you did. Firstly, I need to start off by acknowledging that I don’t know the details of your personal financial situation. If you don’t have food on the table, you can’t afford to be fussy. You …