The 5 interview questions you need to be prepared for (and how to prepare for them)

We've all been there, and for some of us who are newly graduated into the scene, it can sometimes be a challenge: The Interview. Here at Arlyn, we are almost always answering candidate queries on job interview tips and how one can prepare for them! These are some of our most frequently asked questions, summarized into one handy post! 

1) The question:Why did you leave (or why are you leaving) your last position?

They’re looking for: Honesty, context and brevity: The employer is looking for any potential problems that caused you to leave; if you were fired, let go of, or if your contract had come to a close. If any of the latter is true, then tell the potential employer. If you were terminated for poor performance, attendance or interpersonal issues, prepare an honest answer that addresses those issues, as it will no doubt be verified by your references.

Your Answer: 
Tell the truth and frame it in a positive way. Practice telling your story to a friend. Own your history. Provide an id…

How to take care of your well-being during crunch time

As we’re all aware, it’s February, and things are starting to pick up (maybe even more so than we may expect!) Which begs the question, how well do you deal with stress during crunch time?
The term “well being,” according to the folks at New Economics Foundation, is all about feeling good and functioning well. The UK-based charity think tank, under the Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project, released a report on the5 Ways to Wellbeing, highlighting key components of achieving optimal mental and physical wellbeing.
The report formed the basis of long-term health planning across the pond, but we think the universal truths bear repeating anywhere in the world.

1) Connect!

Connect with the people around you. Find ways to forge connections with the people in your life, whether it’d be at work, in your family or even your community and beyond. When it comes to our mental wellbeing, people and relationships matter.

2) Be Active!

Be active! Find an activity that fits into your lifestyle and makes…

Take our Quiz!: What kind of a Team Player are YOU?

We all want a little variety in our life, whether it’d be the types of food we eat, or the different types of clothes we wear, but when it comes to the work environment, personality clashes can turn an atmosphere sour. The easiest way to empower your team is to recognize individual strengths and different approaches. We all play a different role in the workplace, and knowing your own can help build awareness of your abilities and those within your team, ultimately growing you stronger together.

Are you a Contributor, Collaborator, Communicator or Challenger?

During team meetings, I usually:  A) Provide the team with technical data or information  B) Keep the team focused on our mission and goals  C) Make sure everyone is involved in the discussion  D) Raise questions about our goals or methods 
Other team members see me as:  A) Factual  B) Flexible  C) Encouraging  D) Candid 
Under stress, I sometimes:  A) Lose patience, bringing everyone into the discussion  B) Complain to outsiders abo…

How Effective is Your Cover Letter?

Between having X amount of work experience and brushing up on those interview skills, there lies one important factor in landing that first meeting with HR: An Effective Cover Letter. It’s known as the prelude before the resume, here’s our guide (put together by the team at Arlyn) to assembling your next winner! 
Before we get into specific cover letter style, let’s first take a look at the universal truths of every cover letter, regardless of the position or the style of letter you choose to draft.
Every cover letter should...

Match your resume visually;Be addressed to someone specifically;Indicate the specific position that you’re applying for;Show yourunderstanding of the specific employer and their needs;Describe how your specific skillsmatch the job requirements detailed;Match thetone and style of the job ad;Be rigorously proofread.

Itshouldn’t... Have single-sentence paragraphs or more than four paragraphs;Repeat your resume;Be ALL about you
Now on to the content!

Cover letters have

5 Things to Add to your Resume, Today!

Picture this: It's the New Year, and you're looking for change or to start fresh in your career, but your resumes are outdated and simply not getting you noticed. It needs a refresher and it needs it fast. 
That’s the gist of this viral article published on Forbes by Liz Ryan. In it, she provides key elements in a Resume that will humanize you, make your brand, illustrate your skills, achievements and make your career objectives clear. Whilst we love everything she's presented, we too have some tips and tricks on what you need to include while searching for a job within the legal industry in Vancouver! Check it out! 
1. The Locations of Your Previous Workplaces. 

Especially if you’re an international professional, remember to tell your prospective employers where some of these companies you’ve listed are located. Not all hiring managers are geography majors. Lend a helping hand! Add both the country and city if it’s not immediately obvious for the recruiters!