Ask Diane: "After being out of the job market for so long, I've become intimidated..."

This week’s question comes from an intermediate-level paralegal seeking new opportunities. They write:
"Dear Diane,
After being out of the job market for so long, I've become intimidated by the idea of getting out on the market BUT I'm looking for change, what are the common mistakes or errors that people make when applying for new opportunities and how do you recommend these be avoided?
- Starting Simple"
Dear Starting Simple,
Sometimes “change”, even if you see it as a positive, can create stress as it can be difficult to think about adjusting to a new environment....
But complacency can be detrimental to your life as well, as you can stay “stuck” for a year or so, and this can work itself into five to 10!!  So get out there and start your search!  But do it with thoughtfulness and a critical look at your next step in career, and stay organized in your search.
Once you’ve decided to take action, remember to avoid:
Sending your resume EVERYWHERE.  Spamming employers w…

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5 Ways to Build Relationships at Work

If you’re like most of us, you likely spend the majority of your week at work, and probably with other people. Especially in high-stress or high-pressure jobs, there isn’t always the time or real desire to get to know say— Bob, that sits two desks away from you. Nobody's saying that you need to be close with your co-workers, but it goes without saying that enjoying your time at your workplace is dependant on building strong relationships among those with whom you share it with!

The need for a close team still exists, as studies have shown that having positive relationships in our professional sphere can benefit us both professionally and mentally.  Here are some of our favourite reminders for how to build strong relationships at work.

1) Start by asking questions!

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